Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Education




Dr. Robert Macmillan

Second Advisor

Dr. Derek Allison


The research literature has identified trust as a key aspect in successful school improvement. Major events, such as principal succession or school amalgamation, can affect staff relationships and be potentially detrimental to trust development and, therefore, school improvement. This study examined the nature of trust perception and development in the teacher-principal relationship. Behaviours that affected trust were identified and categorized under two components of trust: The Ability component and the Interpersonal Relations component. Existing models of trust development were examined but found to not adequately fit the transcript data. A new model of trust development was presented. This model takes into account the variable importance of the different components of trust depending on the stage of trust the teacher-principal relationship is in and it allows for multiple aspects of trust discernment for more developed relationships.



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