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Master of Arts




Dr. Gary Badcock


Since 1878, the Anglican Communion has struggled with the tensions of conflict and the prospect of division. Not a federation of churches, or a church itself, the Anglican Communion is a family of autonomous churches in communion. Schism and division have become increasingly critical issues. An examination of the transformational conflict resolution theory of Robert Bush, Joseph Folger and John Paul Lederach provides a framework for reviewing the process used by the Anglican Church of Canada as it debated and decided the ordination of women in the 1970s. The review suggests insights into the issues currently facing the Anglican Communion. It also proposes a potential outcome which could include movement toward the development of a theological articulation of the concepts of unity, plurality and diversity which addresses relationship with the Other, the concept of love of neighbour and the role of conflict within that framework. Such a theological justification may be essential to a reconciliation process within the Anglican Communion.



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