Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Education




Dr. Alan Edmunds

Second Advisor

Dr. Aniko Varpalotai


This research sought to establish the motivating factors that determined why elite-level adolescent female dancers continued to dance into their late teen years while others did not. The objective was to better understand the role dance teachers play in motivating students to continue dancing competitively. Sixty-five percent of participants completed a mixed-methods survey, and 12 participants were interviewed. Overall, the data revealed that teachers played an underlying role in dancers’ motivation to continue dancing. While teachers were not specifically ranked as the top motivator, it was evident that the results of this research indicated that teachers possess the motivational factors to foster and encourage continued participation and to instil a love of dance in students. Teachers appear directly and indirectly to encourage continued participation because they possess the personal influence and teaching strategies to motivate and inspire young girls to keep dancing.



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