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This study documents the impacts of democratization, globalization and European integration on the Romanian music education system since the Revolution in 1989 and until the present day. Particular emphasis is placed on government deregulation of public music education, decentralization and re-direction of decision-making to regional school A inspectorates and the privatization of music education institutions. The effects on neoliberal educational policy on the development of the national music education system, including the re-conceptualization of education as job training and the introduction of performance descriptors in student evaluation and assessment are examined. The implementation of Bologna Declaration principles and the resulting outcomes for the Romanian music education system, such as restructuring of undergraduate education, introduction of master’s and doctoral programs, diploma recognition and increased student and teacher mobility are also documented. This dissertation concludes with a call for a broader vision on the part of Romanian music teachers and professors. Recommendations for future research are also presented.



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