Date of Award


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Master of Science




Dr. Michelle Mottola


Pregnancy-induced bone loss may be further exacerbated by activity restriction, such that maternal bone status is compromised. The purpose of the present study was to compare the bone status of activity restricted (AR), hospitalized pregnant women in the third trimester to ambulatory (AM) pregnant women of the same gestational age. Bone status was evaluated in the left and right calcaneus of both AR (N=13) and AM (1SN20) pregnant women using quantitative ultrasound. Speed of sound scores (1543.05±41.97 m/s vs 1569.60±46.12 m/s) and broadband ultrasound attenuation scores (107.93±9.59 dB/MHz vs 114.69Ü7.06 dB/MHz) were not significantly different between the AR and AM groups, respectively,/?>0.05. Stiffness index scores (84.0±16.2 vs 95.8.±22.1) were significantly different between the AR and AM groups, respectively, p



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