Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Education




Dr. Cornelia Hoogland

Second Advisor

Dr. Janette Hughes


This thesis investigates the role of drama pedagogy in facilitating both critical literacy and community in the classroom. To achieve this objective, I provide a theoretical overview of several theorists in the areas of classroom community, critical literacy, and aesthetic and experiential learning and compare their research findings to my own experiences with drama pedagogy, both as a student and teacher. These experiences are structured using narrative, and it is hoped that this personalized format will reveal the lived experience behind facts and events, and better illuminate how aesthetically-based, experiential learning might contribute to the development of both critical literacy and engaged learning communities. Ultimately, I hope to bring together the traditionally disparate fields o f the aesthetic and critical literacy through drama pedagogy, and suggest possible pedagogical implications for today’s classrooms. This thesis incorporates some discussion of feminist theory, and instances of feminist advancement are highlighted as they arise.



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