Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Education




Dr. George Gadanidis

Second Advisor

Dr. Immaculate Namukasa


Literature points out that the continuing goal of science education research is the generation of pedagogical knowledge that can be used to improve meaningful understanding of science concepts by students. In view of this goal, the study adopted a performance-arts pedagogical lens being developed for mathematics education to explore the effectiveness of this lens for science education, particularly for middle grades. The study used the four categories: (1) Surprise/New/Wonderful; (2) Sensemaking; (3) Emotional moments; and (4) Visceral sensation of the performance-arts lens to analyze YouTube videos that used a performative approach to presenting scientific concepts. Study findings showed that, while most of the videos satisfy the criteria for the categories “Surprising/New/Wonderful,” and “Visceral experiences,” the same cannot be said of the categories “Sense-making,” and “Emotional moments.” Based on these findings, some implications for science education were identified, and recommendations for future research suggested.



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