Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Engineering


Mechanical and Materials Engineering


Dr. Remus Tutunea-Fatan

Second Advisor

Dr. Evgueni Bordatchev

Third Advisor

Dr. Ralph O. Buchal


Over the recent years, porous titanium foam became a common material in biomedical applications. Since modem near-net shape technologies are still unable to achieve the desired final shape of the end product, secondary machining operations like, for instance, micromilling are currently regarded as viable manufacturing options. However, a significant lack of information exists on micromilling of porous materials. The main goal of this study was to investigate experimentally the extent of correlation between porosity and cutting forces in the context of porous titanium foam micromilling. The porosity-cutting force interplay was assessed by means of statistical metrics and the effect of several primary cutting parameters on porosity-cutting force interaction was also evaluated. A novel image- based technique was devised to determine porosity distribution along the tool path, when analyzed from a cutting kinematics perspective. Results indicate that under certain cutting conditions, good correlations exist between the signatures of porosity and cutting forces



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