Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Nursing




Dr. Carol Wong

Second Advisor

Dr. Carroll Iwasiw


The purpose o f this study was to examine the relationships between new graduate

nurses’perceptions ofpreceptor authentic leadership (Avolio, Gardner, Walumbwa, Luthans, & May, 2004) and their work engagement andjob satisfaction. A predictive non-experimental survey design was used to test these relationships in a population of Ontario new graduate nurses working in acute care hospitals. The final sample consisted of 170 new graduate nurses (response rate= 39%). Consistent with Avolio et al.’s (2004) assertions: authentic leadership was positively related to work engagement and job satisfaction; authentic leadership and work engagement explained 20% o f the variance in job satisfaction; and work engagement was found to partially mediate the relationship between authentic leadership and job satisfaction. These results offer nurse educators and administrators a theoretical basis for creating preceptors preparatory programs that facilitate the development o f preceptors’ authentic leadership; thus improving the work engagement and job satisfaction o f new graduate nurses.



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