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Dr. Godwin Arku


Brownfield redevelopment, because of its contributions to urban sustainability and environmental quality, has become a critical issue on cities* policy agendas and in urban development literature of late. There have been no studies examining the issue of brownfield redevelopment in London, Ontario, Canada nor have there been any studies that detail a method to create a city-wide inventory of brownfield sites. This research has three main objectives: to develop a GIS based methodology for creating a brownfield inventory; through interview analysis, indentify the barriers to successful brownfield redevelopment in London; and to determine whether or not the financial incentives in the London Brownfield CIP are effective mechanisms in promoting brownfield redevelopment. The major barriers to brownfield redevelopment in London are the public’s perception, high cost of redevelopment, liability, competition from greenfield sites, lack of demand and the complicated process of remediation. The effectiveness of financial incentives are based on local market conditions, that is, only when there is a

demand for brownfield redevelopment will the incentives be utilized; the incentives do not create demand



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