Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts


Theory and Criticism


Michael Gardiner


The aim of this project is to examine the intellectual contributions of Guy Debord beyond his writings in The Society>o f the Spectacle (1967). Debord’s thought has largely been reduced to a single concept, while ignoring his revision of the spectacle in 1988 as well as his other works. I argue that Debord’s presence as a social and political theorist cannot be isolated from his aesthetic style as a writer and filmmaker or his years within the Lettrist and Situationist International, particularly when discussing his notions of unity, totality, and community. In contrast to scholars that see the theoretical work of Jean Baudrillard as a continuation of Debord’s thought, 1propose that Zygmunt Bauman’s theorizing of liquid modernity’and the community o f consumers most accurately describes Debord's analysis of the integrated spectacle in contemporary society



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