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Master of Science


Computer Science




The Belief-Desire-Intention (BDI) model of a rational agent proposed by Bratman has strongly influenced the research of intelligent agents in Multi-Agent Systems (MAS). Jennings extended Bratman’s concept of a single rational agent into MAS in the form of joint-intention and joint-responsibility. Kitano et al. initiated RoboCup Soccer Simulation as a standard problem in MAS analogous to the Blocks World

problem in traditional AI. This has motivated many researchers from various areas of studies such as machine learning, planning, and intelligent agent research. The first RoboCup team to incorporate the BDI concept is ATHumboldt98 team by Burkhard et al.

In this thesis we present a novel collaborative BDI architecture modeled for RoboCup 2D Soccer Simulation called the TA09 team which is based on Bratman’s rational agent, influenced by Cohen and Levesque’s commitment, and incorporating Jennings’ joint-intention. The TA09 team features observation-based coordination, layered planning, and dynamic formation positioning.



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