Date of Award


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Master of Education




Dr. Peter G. Jaffe


The present study was conducted in order to investigate male batterer’s help-seeking

behaviours. It was predicted that batterers would be more likely to seek help for more socially acceptable issues (i.e. depression or alcohol abuse) versus issues related to domestic violence. Even when batterers presented socially acceptable issues to those in the helping profession, it was predicted that helpers were not addressing or identifying the underlying issue of violent behaviours. An extensive review of 45 domestic homicide case summaries, provided by the Domestic Violence Death Review Committee of Ontario, were coded and analysed. The results indicated that batterers were more likely to seek specialized professional help for more socially acceptable issues versus issues related to domestic violence. Furthermore, when batterers sought general help from professionals, their violent behaviours were rarely identified and thus very few interventions took place for the underlying issue of abusive behaviours. Implications and suggestions for future research are discussed.



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