Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Engineering Science


Civil and Environmental Engineering


Dr.Ashraf El Damatty


The tuned liquid damper (TLD) is a proven and an increasingly popular auxiliary device for mitigating the dynamic effects induced by wind loading on tall buildings. During a dynamic loading event, the water inside a TLD will slosh against the end walls of the tank, thereby imparting a force approximately anti-phase to the motion of the building. The current study uses a multi-modal TLD system to reduce the resonant

torsionalresponsesofarealhigh-risebuilding. Thebuildingissensitivetotorsioninthe first two vibration modes; therefore, a unique TLD system is designed to damp these two modes by displacing the tanks away from the center o f mass o f the building. The TLD system is capable of reducing the serviceability responses to an acceptable level. In addition, the current study demonstrates the possible reduction in wind loading experienced by the building. The reduced wind loading leads to a 16.9% reduction in the cost of steel reinforcement in the concrete shear walls. Furthermore,the robustness of the TLD system is evaluated and practical TLD design issues are discussed.



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