Ahmad Mousavi

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Engineering Science


Electrical and Computer Engineering


Dr. G. Moschopoulos


The objective of this thesis is to propose, analyze, design, implement, and experimentally confirm the operation of a new Zero-Current-Switching PWM dc-dc full- bridge boost converter that does not have the drawbacks ofpreviously proposed circuits of the same type. In this thesis, the general operating principles of the converter are reviewed, and the converter’s operation is discussed in detail and analyzed mathematically. As a result of the mathematical analysis, key voltage and current equations that describes the operation of the auxiliary circuit and other converter devices have been derived. The steady state equations of each mode of operation are used as the basis of a MATLAB program that is used to generate steady-state characteristic curves that shows the effect that individual circuit parameters have on the operation of the auxiliary circuit and the boost converter.

Observations as to their steady-state characteristics are made and the curves are used as part of a design procedure to select the components of the converter, especially those of the auxiliary circuit. An experimental full-bridge PWM dc-dc boost converter prototype is built based on the converter design and typical waveforms are presented. The efficiency of the proposed converter operating with the auxiliary circuit is compared to that of a standard PWM dc-dc full-bridge boost converter and the increased efficiency o f the proposed converter is confirmed



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