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Master of Science




Dr. Robert Litchfield


Study Design: Randomized Clinical Trial Objectives: To determine the effect of immobilization in external rotation (ER) compared to internal rotation (IR) following arthroscopic Bankart repair on: 1) range of motion (ROM) and 2) quality of life (QOL) and functional scores. Background: Cadaveric and magnetic resonance imaging studies suggest ER more closely approximates the edges of the Bankart lesion and increases contact force between the glenoid labrum and the glenoid, which may allow repaired structures that are immobilized in this position to heal in more a "natural" anatomical position than with IR. Methods and Measures: Participants were randomly assigned to an ER brace or an IR sling. ROM measures were taken along with QOL and function scores preoperatively and at two, four, six and twelve weeks postoperatively.

Results: ER ROM was significantly higher in the brace group compared to the sling group. There were no significant differences in forward flexion, abduction or Patient Reported Outcomes. Conclusions: Further research that is adequately powered to test these hypotheses is required.



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