Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Nursing




Dr. Helene Berman

Second Advisor

Dr. Susan Ray


Little is known about constructions or enactments of gender among children exposed to intimate partner violence (IPV). The purpose of this study was to examine this phenomenon, from the perspectives of mothers. A qualitative secondary analysis with a feminist approach provided the theoretical and methodological underpinnings for the development of this research. Study participants consisted of mothers involved in a group program who were interviewed prior to and at the completion of the program. Codes and memos guided the analysis and development of thematic categories, revealing four major themes: Normalization and Silencing of the Violence, Parroting Responses to Violence, Undeniable Attachments, and The Child as a Protector. Implications of the research suggest that nurses are in a unique and advantageous position to help these children. More specifically, nurses can develop prevention and intervention policies and programs, teach others the skills to properly care and promote health for these children, and engage in research to understand the impacts of IPV.



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