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Master of Science




Dr. Michael O. Poulter


To determine the role of inhibitory cells in the propagation of activity in the rat piriform cortex (PC) before and after kindling, we used voltage-sensitive dye imaging technique to follow the membrane potential changes in three layers of the PC after stimulating the lateral olfactory tract (LOT) with beta and gamma frequencies. Stimulation of LOT was followed by propagation of excitatory (in layer II) and inhibitory responses (in layer III) through the PC. Decreasing the inhibition by applying gabazine, a GABAa- receptor antagonist, decreased the inhibitory responses and increased the excitatory responses in the control rats; however, it did not affect the excitatory and inhibitory responses in the kindled rats. Furthermore, cutting the slice below the layer II decreased the both responses. Thus, we concluded that disinhibition of layer III

intemeurons is necessary for principle cells firing and kindling can result in seizures by increasing disinhibition in layer III of PC.



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