Date of Award


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Master of Arts


Visual Arts


Dr. Cody Barteet


This thesis examines the connection between Jack Chambers (1931-1978) and contemporary Spanish Realism. Typically, Chambers’ time in Spain has been reduced to the bare fact that he trained and painted there for 9 years. His return to London, Ontario in 1961, where he would become a key part of London Regionalism, has been represented as a rupture, a point at which Chambers immerses himself in the Canadian landscape, using the techniques of his academic training in ways that were wholly inspired his local engagement. It is my contention that Chambers was far more in tune with artistic developments in Spain after 1961 than has previously been recognized. Through interviews and archival research, this thesis attempts to establish to what extent Chambers continued to be in contact with his artist friends in Spain after 1961, and, if that was the case, to illustrate the possible impact of this relationship on Chambers’ art. This thesis will first examine the representation of Spain in the literature surrounding Chambers, analyzing the way Chambers himself managed his relationship to contemporary Spanish Realists. Building on primary research done in Spain, this paper will then examine Chambers relationship with the Spanish Realist Antonio López García, and more generally the so-called New Spanish Realists.



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