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Master of Education




Katina Pollock


The purpose of this study was to explore the principal’s perception of their role within the context of classroom assessments. Effective assessment practices have demonstrated the most consistent positive impact on student achievement. Research on the specific role of the principal in the process of classroom assessment is limited.

This study used a qualitative methodology. Eight elementary principals with at least five years of experience were interviewed from both rural and urban schools in Southwestern Ontario. Interviews were conducted face-to-face using a semi-structured format.

There were three key findings from the study. Principals ’levels of assessment literacy varied, from having a very limited understanding of assessment literacy to a more comprehensive understanding. Principals had a very limited view of the elements o fa sound assessment system, and the link between classroom and wide-scale assessments and reporting systems. Principals considered their role as more of a manager than an educational leader.

There are two recommendations offered: first, at the provincial level, that the government of Ontario develop more resources that include a common language about assessment and for the development of assessment literacy of the educational community; and second, that the local board look at the role of the principal from a leadership position



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