Emma M. Reid

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science




Dr. Brian Luckman


The forefield of Castle Creek in the Caribou Mountains of B.C. contains abundant well developed small-scale glacial landforms. Detailed maps of flutes and annual moraines were produced from aerial photography and selected flutes were mapped in the field, together with sedimentological and fabric analyses. The results revealed a number of flutes with differing morphologies; long parallel-sided flutes and shorter tapering flutes, which become shorter and narrower with distance down flute, exist in different areas of the forefield. In addition there are flutes with bedrock ridges at their ice proximal ends, which appear similar to crag and tail features. Grain size and fabric patterns within flutes, were similar to those found by Benn and Evans (1996) from studies in Europe and support the sediment deformation hypothesis of Boulton (1987). These results highlight the importance of grain size and pore water pressure in creating conditions for deformation to occur.



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