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Master of Education




Dr. Alan Leschied


Readiness to change and motivation are significant areas of interest with males mandated to group therapy following a domestic abuse charge. Significant literature supports the theory that men who are motivated will benefit more from group therapy than those who are not. The present study investigated the impact of Motivational Interviewing (MI) and the stages-of-change on offender self-reported outcome measures. The sample consisted of 211 men who completed the Responsible Choicesfor Men group therapy program. Men entering the program after September 2008 received two sessions of MI, while those entering prior did not. Stage-of-change was assessed using the URICA- G and the URICA-DV. Global outcome scores were assessed using

the OQ-45.2. Multi-level growth modeling indicated that stage-of-change has a statistically significant impact on outcomes, while MI was clinically meaningful. Discussion investigates the benefits of MI as a pre-group treatment, and the importance of accounting for individual readiness to change.



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