Ning Zhang

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Engineering Science


Civil and Environmental Engineering


Professor Wenxing Zhou


In this thesis, the reliability and statistical analyses of reinforced concrete (RC) coupling beams and overhanging beams designed per the flexural and shear design requirements specified in the current Canadian concrete design code, CSA A23.4-04, are carried out considering the combined shear force and bending moment. The shear forces and bending moments acting on the coupling beams are assumed to be due to the wind load only, whereas the load effects on the overhanging beams are assumed to be due to the dead and live loads. The modified compression field theory (MCFT) is implemented to predict the shear-moment interaction diagram of the RC beam cross section. The statistical parameters of the coupled shear-moment resistance are evaluated by incorporating the MCFT in the Monte-Carlo simulation. The first-order reliability method (FORM) is employed to evaluate the reliability indices for the critical sections in the RC beams based on the statistics of the shear-moment resistance and maximum load effects over a 50-year design life. The calculated reliability

indices are either consistent with or slightly lower than the selected target reliability index of 3.0 based on a 50-year design life. The RC beams designed using the general method included in CSA A23.3-04 shear design provisions usually have a higher reliability level than those designed using the simplified method. The bias factors of the coupled shear-moment resistance are obtained for the critical sections in the RC beams considered in this study. The coefficient of variation of the shear-moment resistance is approximately 16% for coupling beams and 15% for overhanging beams. The shear-moment resistance can be adequately characterized by the normal distribution.



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