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Master of Education




Dr. Kathy Hibbert


The changing opportunities to access and use texts in a variety of forms have prompted interest in expanded definitions of literacy and responsive teaching approaches such as a multiliteracies pedagogy. The purpose of this study was to explore the ways in which teachers can practice multiliteracies pedagogy within the context o f the current Language Arts curriculum document. Using a qualitative case study, my research questions explored: What might a language arts program look like that encourages the use ofmultiliteracies and new literacies? How may educators be able to use the current Language Arts curriculum document to create a multiliteracies pedagogy in the classroom? What support(s) might be needed in order for educators to create opportunities to engage with multiliteracies in the classroom? There were three data sources in this research study; classroom observations, an initial survey and two focus groups. The analysis o f the data led to the conclusion, that although there was an acknowledgment of changing definitions of literacy, the teachers at this school remained focused on print literacy and traditional understandings of Language Arts'in their pedagogy. Teachers expressed a desire for high-quality professional development and seemed to lack the knowledge or language necessary to engage with a multiliteracies pedagogy. The research revealed opportunities where teachers may enact multiliteracies pedagogies and what supports they may need in order to get there.



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