Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Engineering Science


Electrical and Computer Engineering


Dr. Serguei L. Primak


With the recent advances in embedded systems and very low power ,wireless tech­ nologies, there has been a great interest in the development and application of a new class of distributed Wireless body area network for health monitoring.

The first part of the thesis presents a remote patient monitoring system within the scope of Body Area Network standardization. In this regime, wireless sensor networks are used to continuously acquire the patient’s Electrocardiogram signs and transmit data to the base station via IEEE.802.15. The personal Server (PS) which is responsible to provide real-time displaying, storing, and analyzing the patient’s vital signs is developed in MATLAB. It also transfers ECG streams in real-time to a remote client such as a physician or medical center through internet. The PS has the potential to be integrated with home or hospital computer systems. A prototype of this system has been developed and implemented. Tlie developed system takes advantage of two important features for healthcare monitoring: (i) ECG data acqui­ sition using wearable sensors and (ii) real-time data remote through internet. The fact that our system is interacting with sensor network nodes using MATLAB makes it distinct from other previous works. The second part is devoted to the study of indoor body-area channel model for 2.4 GHz narrowband communications. To un­ derstand the narrowband radio propagation near the body, several measurements are carried out in two separate environments for different on body locations. On the basis of these measurements, we have characterized the fading statistics on body links and we have provided a physical interpretation of our results.



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