Date of Award


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Master of Science in Nursing




Dr. Carol A. Wong


Nurses’ trust in their manager and structural empowerment are key elements of healthy nurse work environments that can influence important work outcomes such as nurse turnover. The purpose o f this secondary analysis was to examine the relationship among authentic leadership, structural empowerment, and nurses’ trust in their manager in a sample of Ontario acute care nurses, and determine if structural empowerment mediates the relationship between authentic leadership and trust. Authentic leadership and structural empowerment each had individual direct positive effects on nurses’ trust in their manager, but structural empowerment was not found to mediate the relationship between authentic leadership and nurses’ trust. Authentic leadership accounted for 48% of the variance in nurses’ trust in their manager. Results indicate the importance of nurse managers’ authentic leadership and structural empowerment as a way to increase nurses’ trust in their manager and contribute to a healthy work environment.



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