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Master of Education




Dr. Alan Leschied


Non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI) and eating problems (EP) are difficulties that affect young females. NSSI and EP are methods of coping that have been associated with trauma, prior abuse, avoidant coping, substance use and impulsivity. The present study compared coping strategies among four groups of undergraduate female participants (N = 92): those that exhibit NSSI alone, comorbid NSSI and EP, EP alone, and comparison females. These groups were defined by endorsement of items on the How I Deal with Stress Inventory (HIDS; Heath & Ross, 2007). A multivariate analysis (MANOVA) investigated the frequency of using items on the HIDS reflective of avoidant coping, impulsive coping and substance use. Results indicate significant differences between groups were found among the following coping strategies: risky behaviours, smoking, doing drugs, and drinking alcohol. A secondary analysis revealed significant differences between groups for shopping and exercise. Discussion focuses on the differing coping styles of groups of females in this study.



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