Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science


Health and Rehabilitation Sciences


Dr. Dianne Bryant

Second Advisor

Dr. Andrew Johnson


We examined the predictive relationship between factors previously shown to relate to patients’ ability to accurately recall past health states and discrepancies between pre- surgical (prospective) and post-surgical (retrospective) ratings of pre-intervention health status.

We used the least squares method of multiple linear regression to construct models that used the absolute and simple differences between pre-surgical and post-surgical ratings of physical health, mental health, function, and quality of life as dependent variables.

Four hundred and eleven patients were included in the analyses. Individually and in combination, the selected factors explained a limited amount of variance in the absolute and simple differences between ratings.

Age, sex, mental state at the time of recall, health status at the time of recall, and time between ratings are not strong predictors of discrepancies between pre-surgical and post- surgical ratings of pre-intervention health status in the early post-surgical period.



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