Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science


Computer Science


Prof. Hanan Lutfiyya


Web services are loosely-coupled, self-contained, and self-describing software modules that perform a predetermined task. These services can be linked together to develop an appli­ cation that spans multiple organizations. This linking is referred to as a composition of web services. These compositions potentially can help businesses respond more quickly and more cost-effectively to changing market conditions. Compositions can be specified using a high- level workflow process language.

A fault or problem is a defect in a software or software component. A system is said to have a failure if the service it delivers to the user deviates from compliance with the system specification for a specified period of time. A problem causes a failure. Failures are often referred to as symptoms of a problem. A problem can occur on one component but a failure is detected on another component. This suggests a need to be able to determine a problem based on failures. This is referred to as fault diagnosis.

This thesis focuses on the design, implementation and evaluation of a diagnostic module that performs automated mapping of a high-level specification of a web services composition to a diagnostics model. A diagnosis model expresses the relationship between problems and potential symptoms. This mapping can be done by a third party service that is not part of the application resulting from the composition of the web services. Automation will allow a third party to do diagnosis for a large number of compositions and should be less error-prone.



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