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Master of Education




Dr. Alan Leschied


This study explored the impact of job loss within a framework of bereavement grief that links the negative effects of unemployment on both an individual’s physiological and psychological well-being. 519 participants who experienced involuntary job loss were examined through a series of demographic questions, a question on work centrality, and survey responses on scales of grief, depression, optimism, hope and self-efficacy.

The preliminary results suggest that at least 6.94% of the participant sample experienced a grief-type reaction immediately after their job loss while depression symptoms were more prevalent across the entire sample. Women appeared to have a greater grief reaction then men upon initial job loss. Work centrality scores showed a significant relationship with grief scores but not depression scores.

Results also indicate that the positive psychology factors of optimism, hope and self-efficacy may play a protective function from experiencing a grief- or depression-like reaction after job loss.



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