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Master of Science




Dr. Eugene Wong


We investigated the impact of intrafractional prostate motion on radiation dose distributions to the whole prostate with boosts to a dominant intra-prostatic cancer lesion (DIL) from sequential boost plans (separate prostate and boost plans) and simultaneous boost plans (single prostate and boost plan).

Six treatment plans were generated for two patient CT scans. Plans were delivered and 2D dose distributions were measured on a phantom using a motion platform driven with typical prostate intrafractional motions.

The relative root mean square difference between measured dose with and without motion inside the DIL for the simultaneous plans (1.6%—2.1%) were lower than those for the sequential plans (4.5%-7.2%) and the total beam-on time was shorter. Dose escalation to DIL using simultaneous boost plans with sufficient margin around DIL (7 mm) is feasible provided that severe prostate motion is infrequent ( < 5/35 fractions ).



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