Zohreh Nouri

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science




Dr. Richard A. Holt

Second Advisor

Dr. S. David Rosner


In astrophysics a proper knowledge of chemical abundances is o f great importance in unfolding the mysteries of the history of the universe. However, the determination of chemical abundances is limited by the existence and accuracy of atomic data such as hyperfine structure (hfs), isotope shift (IS) and oscillator strength. As one of the a elements Ti has a great contribution in stellar spectra. Its importance in the studies of thin and thick discs, the galactic bulge, the galactic halo and ISM makes it a great candidate for the measurements of atomic properties.

The above mentioned reasons motivated us to carry out measurements of hfs and IS of the levels and transitions of Ti that have not been previously studied. In our lab using the fast-ion-beam laser-fluorescence spectroscopy technique we measured the hfs of 22 levels and the IS of 38 transitions of Ti II in the wavelength range of 429-457 nm.

We also discovered an improved operational condition in the ion source which resulted in a very narrow energy spread and the typical line width of ~ 100 MHz.



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