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Master of Education




Dr. George Gadanidis


This pilot study examines the effects of the frequent cooperative quizzes on the achievement and class engagement of first year college students enrolled in a mathematics course. The impact of this teaching and learning strategy is measured by four unit tests, a final exam, and a students’ survey.

A mixed methods research procedure combines the quantitative data represented by students’ tests marks and students’ answers in a questionnaire with qualitative data represented by students’ feelings and perceptions from the survey, and instructor’s observations.

The results of the study indicate that this teaching approach - frequent cooperative quizzes - is promising in increasing students’ marks in unit tests and increasing students’ final marks. However, the study did not perceive a notable improvement of students’ final exam scores and indicated no change in students’ completion rates. The study also reveals an increased attendance of students to classes, increased engagement in their learning, and increased student cooperation and support.



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