Date of Award


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Master of Science




Dr. Mitchell Rothstein


This study sought to provide the initial development and accumulation of evidence supporting a new measure of resilience. Based on the shortcomings of previously available measurement tools, a more comprehensive and integrative assessment tool was developed based on the theoretical model of King and Rothstein (2010). The resulting measure, the Workplace Resilience Inventory (WRI), encompasses an individual’s personal characteristics, social support network, initial responses to a significant and life changing event, and self-regulatory processes. The WRI demonstrates statistically significant relations with important individual well-being outcomes, such as depression, perceived stress, intentions to withdraw, and satisfaction with life. The WRI is also shown to account for incremental variance in the above-mentioned criterion variables above and beyond two previously validated measures of Psychological Capital and Hardiness. Evidence presented within this thesis constitutes the first step in the accumulation of evidence supporting the reliability and validity of the WRI.



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