Santo Carino

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science


Computer Science


James H. Andrews


Software testing is a large and important part'of the software development life-cycle. There exist many methods to test software, such as writing unit tests or manually testing the software. One other such method is called record and playback. Record and playback allow a tester to record their interactions with a piece of software and then play back those actions against the same software at a later time. The major fault with record and playback tools is that the tests that are created are often brittle. A test is considered brittle when it no longer works when small changes are made to the software or when the test produces false-positive results. This thesis focuses on the record and playback software we designed and built for the BlackBerry smartphone. The system was designed to create smart tests from brittle, recorded tests. We discuss how we created our software and why it. works. Following that, we look at the system’s output to determine its accuracy. Finally, we discuss how our methods can be incorporated into general software development.



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