Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science


Medical Biophysics


Dr. John Lewis

Second Advisor

Dr. Eva Turley


Genetic and epigenetic changes that occur in the cell induce oncogenic transformation and increased cell migration resulting in metastasis. We studied molecular mechanisms that involve migratory protein, Rhamm-induced cell transformation by overexpressing it in 10T1/2 cells. We demonstrated that Rhamm isoform Al63, induces cell resistance to anoikis and to growth inhibitory signals through an ERK1,2 dependent mechanism by assessing foci and colony formation in soft agar. We also showed that this isoform of Rhamm exhibits different subcellular localization than Rhamm full lenght (RhammFL). These differences may account for the oncogenic activity of RhammA163. Additionally, we assessed CD151 immunoreactivity in prostate cancer tissues by using an anti-migratory mAb, 1A5, and found that positive CD151 staining predicts early biochemical failure and metastasis in these patients. These studies increased the understanding of the molecular mechanisms that involve tumour progression and identified a subcellular population of CD151 that associates with poor outcome in prostate cancer.



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