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Master of Science




Dr. Kevin Shoemaker


This study tested the hypotheses that peripheral forearm but not central vascular mechanics are modified in young smokers but can be restored following a 14 week of intervention program of aerobic exercise and smoking cessation. Central and Peripheral vascular mechanics were compared in smokers pre (n=53) and post intervention (n=22) and age-matched non-smokers (n=25) (18-40 yrs). Measures included carotid to finger and toe pulse wave velocity, carotid and brachial arteries, and forearm vascular bed mechanics, to segment central and peripheral regions. Central vascular mechanics were not different between non-smokers and smokers. Compared to non-smokers, R, K, and L were greater and C was decreased in smokers (p<0.05). Relative to smoking baseline, R and L were reduced, C was increased (p<0.05), and K was unchanged following the intervention. In young smokers, in the absence of central changes smoking induced alterations in the periphery were reversible following an intervention program.



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