Raquibul Alam

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Engineering Science


Civil and Environmental Engineering


Dr. Shang, Julie Q.


A site-specific study is carried out to assess the suitability of froth flotation for desulphurization of reactive mine tailings with an Outokumpu flotation unit, type OK0.05 at the Musselwhite Gold Mine, Northern Ontario, Canada, to prevent acid mine drainage (AMD). Based on the data presented in this study, the maximum recovery of total sulphur was achieved when the operational parameters were set to the froth depth of 5 cm, air flow rate 125 L/min, impeller speed 1300 rpm and pulp density 35%. Another objective of this research is to develop a robust, rapid and easy digestion procedure for analysis of total sulphur in mine tailings using Inductive Coupled Plasma. It is found that the aqua regia (1 ml HNO3 + 3 ml HC1) digestion of 0.1 gm of samples for only 40 minutes of heating at 95°C produced fast, safe and accurate analytical results with a recovery of 97% for the selected reference materials.



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