Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science




Dr. Robert Giffin

Second Advisor

Dr. Dianne Bryant



Six patients who underwent hamstring autograft ACL reconstruction were randomized into either Usual Care physiotherapy or the Staged Rehabilitation program. Patients in the Staged Rehabilitation program met with a physiotherapist at Fowler Kennedy Sports Medicine Clinic at two and six weeks post-surgery to go over a 12 week home-based program. At 12 weeks post-surgery, they continued their rehabilitation supervised by a physiotherapist focusing on sport-specific exercises. Patients in the Usual Care group met with a physiotherapist and scheduled supervised physiotherapy visits according to the therapist’s usual practice.

This study did not find any statistically significant differences between groups for patient reported outcomes (ACL-QOL, LEFS, SF-12, IKDC Subjective, and P4), range of motion, hop testing and strength at six months post-surgery. These are the preliminary results of a larger continuing study; therefore definitive conclusions cannot be made.



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