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Doctor of Philosophy


Many industrial processes such as petrochemical, waste water treatment, or fermentation processes involve gas absorption in a liquid with or without the presence of inert or catalyst solid particles. When this absorption is the limiting step of the reaction, it is important to improve the gas liquid mass transfer.;The system studied here was the physical absorption of oxygen into deaerated water. Experiments were carried out in a gas-liquid system and a three phase system at superficial gas and liquid velocities ranging from 0 to 0.30 m/s and 0.03 to 0.06 m/s respectively. Various perforated plate baffles were introduced into the three phase bed or the bubble column in order to break the gas bubbles.;Hydrodynamic parameters (holdups, bed height, flow regimes) were determined for four systems: bubble column, bubble column with baffle, three phase system, and three phase system with baffle.;A generalized flow model including plug flow and axial dispersion models was developed. This model was used to compute axial dispersion coefficients in the bubble column and volumetric mass transfer coefficients in various zones of the baffled three phase fluidized bed for various baffle open areas or gas and liquid flowrates.



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