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Doctor of Philosophy


The corporate cash management problem has been addressed extensively in the literature. Actual implementations, however, are scarce. After discussion of the reasons for these limited implementation successes with practising cash managers, a Visual Interactive (VI) Modeling approach was proposed. This approach attempted to integrate concepts from past VI Modeling applications, Decision Support Systems (DSS), and 'soft systems' theory. Visual Interactive Models (VIMs) have been credited by Operational Researchers with a strong implementation focus, but a general methodology for building VIMs did not exist. This thesis formalized a development approach for VIMs and evaluated the results based on a practising cash manager's problem. The resulting problem formulation and solution algorithms differed from other cash management models in the literature, and the form of the VIM that resulted from this modeling approach differed from current applications. The results suggest that the proposed VIM building approach can derive an effective and implementable model. Further, this methodology offers support for complex problem situations including those where no physical picture of the system under study can be derived.



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