Yang Mao

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


The purpose of this thesis is to expand the applicability of population attributable risk, by reorganizing established theory and developing relevant techniques.;The general definition of population attributable risk is adapted and extended to five areas of application. The suitability of its calculation formulae is discussed with respect to various study designs and the available external data. The interval estimations of these calculation formulae are completely developed and organized for easy applicability. Their confidence intervals are also compared with regard to asymptotic efficiency and distribution assumptions. The effect of errors of measurement on these calculation formulae is measured and collated in tabular form. Population attributable risk related sample size determination theories are also made available. The population attributable risk is split into three components and the contribution of each part is discussed individually.;Included in this thesis is an attributable risk study checklist which can be used for practical application.



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