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The development of computer-based applications by Data Processing (DP) end users is a relatively new phenomenon, which is said to have the potential of solving some of the problems inherent in application development by DP professionals. User developed computer-based applications (UDA) is said to relieve DP application development and maintenance workload, and to eliminate communication problems which often lead to difficulties in the development process.;While UDA is spreading rapidly little research has been done on it and organizations considering its introduction face the issue of what to do so as to make it a successful endeavor. The purpose of this research was to develop and provide empirical evidence for a model of the factors of success for UDA.;The study was conducted in phases and followed a multi-method approach. An initial research model was first developed, which integrated the UDA literature with literature from other relevant areas. This model served as a basis for the field investigation, wherein interviews were conducted in 10 larger firms, with representatives from both the DP department and the user community. The outcomes of this phase were a description of UDA in each firm studied and a revised, improved version of the research model. This revised version consists of two sub-models. The Favorable Cost Benefits of UDA Sub-Model stresses the importance, for DP, of the UDA evaluation process. The User Satisfaction Sub-Model defines success from a user point of view.;The survey phase which followed the field investigation was aimed at obtaining additional data on UDA from a user point of view and at testing the relationships embodied in the User Satisfaction Sub-Model.;Data analysis, based on the questionnaire responses of 272 users, provided support for nine of the 10 propositions in the model. It was found that user satisfaction with independence from DP, user satisfaction with support provided by DP, user friendliness of the software tools, user attitude toward UDA, and DP readiness for change, were the most important variables in explaining overall user satisfaction with UDA.



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