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Doctor of Philosophy


Hausdorff summability methods include such well known methods as those of Cesaro, Holder, and Euler. Consequently, the properties of Hausdorff matrices have been extensively investigated since 1921 when the German mathematician Flex von Hausdorff first published his paper entitled "Summationsmethoden und Momentfolgen I" {lcub}11{rcub}.;In 1922, Hausdorff published "Summationsmethoden und Momentfolgen II" {lcub}12{rcub} in which he defined what are now known as generalized Hausdorff matrices. The question then arose of finding appropriate conditions so that results about ordinary Hausdorff matrices would be true more generally. In this thesis, questions concerning strong and absolute summability are addressed.;In order to deal with the generalized case a new definition of absolute summability is proposed and certain results obtained by Borwein {lcub}3{rcub} are extended.



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