Journal Articles


Submissions from 2019

The essential role of cultural safety in developing culturally-relevant prevention programming in First Nations communities: Lessons learned from a national evaluation of Mental Health First Aid First Nations, Monique Auger, Claire Crooks, Andrea Lapp, Samantha Tsuruda, Cassidy Caron, Billie Joe Rogers, and Kim van der Woerd

United States and Canada pre-service teacher certification standards for student mental health: A comparative case study, Elizabeth Levine Brown, Kate L. Phillippo, Karen Weston, and Susan Rodger

Parents’ Experiences with an Individualized Intervention Designed to Strengthen the Family-School Partnership: The Parents in Partnership with Educators (PIPE) Program, Courtney Cadieux, Claire Crooks, and Colin King

Teaching them, teaching me: youth conceptualize benefits of being a mentor in an indigenous high school peer mentoring program, Melissa Coyne-Foresi, Claire Crooks, Debbie G. Chiodo Ms., Elizabeth A. Nowicki, and Lynn Dare

Predictors of Healthy Youth Relationships Program Implementation in a Sample of Canadian Middle School Teachers, Deinera Exner-Cortens, Vanja Spiric, Claire Crooks, Maisha Syeda, and Lana Wells


A Preliminary Randomized Controlled Evaluation of a Universal Healthy Relationships Promotion Program for Youth, Deinera Exner-Cortens, David Wolfe, Claire Crooks, and Debbie G. Chiodo Ms.


Preventing adolescent dating violence: An outcomes protocol for evaluating a gender-transformative healthy relationships promotion program, Deinera Exner-Cortens, Alysia Wright, Debb Hurlock, Roseline Carter, Pam Krause, and Claire Crooks

Submissions from 2018

Preventing Gender-Based Violence Among Adolescents and Young Adults: Lessons From 25 Years of Program Development and Evaluation, Claire Crooks, Peter G. Jaffe, Caely I. Dunlop, Amanda Kerry, and Deinera Exner-Cortens


A Feasibility Trial of Mental Health First Aid First Nations: Acceptability, Cultural Adaptation, and Preliminary Outcomes, Claire Crooks, Andrea Lapp, Monique Auger, Kim van der Woerd, Angela Snowshoe, Billie Jo Rogers, Samantha Tsuruda, and Cassidy Caron

Enhancing judicial skills in domestic violence cases: the development, implementation, and preliminary evaluation of a model US programme, Peter G. Jaffe, Claire Crooks, Maureen Reid, Jennifer White, Danielle Pugh-Markie, and Linda Baker


GSA members' experiences with a structured program to promote well-being, Alicia A. Lapointe and Claire Crooks


Feasibility and Fit of a Mental Health Promotion Program for LGBTQ+ Youth, Alicia A. Lapointe, Caely I. Dunlop, and Claire Crooks


Changes in depression and positive mental health among youth in a healthy relationships program, Natalia Lapshina, Claire Crooks, and Amanda Kerry

Submissions from 2017


Cyberbullying and Internalizing Difficulties among Indigenous Adolescents in Canada: Beyond the Effect of Traditional Bullying, Ryan Broll, Caely I. Dunlop, and Claire Crooks

The role of relationships in collaborative partnership success: Lessons from the Alaska Fourth R project, Claire Crooks, Deinera Exner-Cortens, Wendi Siebold, Kami Moore, Lori Grassgreen, Patricia Owen, Ann Rausch, and Mollie Rosier


Estimating costs and benefits associated with evidence-based prevention: Four case studies based on the Fourth R program, Claire Crooks, Jennifer Zwicker, Lana Wells, Ray Hughes, Amanda Langlois, and J.C. Herb Emery

Educator Burnout and Compassion Fatigue: A Pilot Study, Adam Koenig, Susan Rodger, and Jacqueline Specht


Teach Resiliency: A resource for teacher and student wellness, Susan Rodger, Kathryn Hibbert, and Alan Leschied

Submissions from 2016


Two Years of Relationship-Focused Mentoring for First Nations, Metis, and Inuit Adolescents: Promoting Positive Mental Health, Claire Crooks, Deinera Exner-Cortens, Sarah B. Burm, Alicia Lapointe, and Debbie G. Chiodo Ms.

Increasing knowledge and self-efficacy through a pre-service course on promoting positive school climate: The crucial role of reducing moral disengagement, Claire Crooks, Peter G. Jaffe, and Arely Rodriguez

A Mental Health Training Format for Adult Education Teachers, Fiona Meek, Jacqueline Specht, and Susan Rodger

Supporting Students: A GRADE Analysis of the Research on Student Wellness and Classroom Mental Health Support, Susan Rodger, Renelle Claudette Bourdage, and Kaitlin Hancock

Submissions from 2015


Promoting First Nations, Metis, and Inuit Youth Wellbeing through Culturally-Relevant Programming: The Role of Cultural Connectedness and Identity, Claire Crooks, Dawn V. Burleigh, and Ashley Sisco


Comparing the Experiences and Withdrawal Considerations of Treatment and Regular Foster Care Parents: The Canadian Perspective, Jessica Smith, Susan Rodger, Jason Brown, Laurel E. Pickel, Wendy den Dunnen, and Alan W. Leschied Dr.

Submissions from 2014


Laboring to Mother in the Context of Past Trauma: The Transition to Motherhood, Berman Helene, Robin Mason, Jodi Hall, Susan Rodger, Catherine C. Classen, Marilyn K. Evans, Lori E. Ross, Gloria Alvernaz Mulcahy, Leonarda Carranza, and Fatmeh Al-Zoubi


Shaping a mental health curriculum for Canada's teacher education programs: Rationale and brief overview, Susan Rodger, Kathryn Hibbert, Alan W. Leschied Dr., Laurel E. Pickel, Magdelena Stepien, Melanie-Anne Atkins, Adam Koenig, Jessica A. Woods, and Matthew R. J. Vandermeer

Submissions from 2013


Children First: It’s Time to Change! Mental Health Promotion, Prevention, and Treatment Informed by Public Health, and Resiliency Approaches, Vicki Schwean and Susan Rodger

The Association of Readiness to Change and Motivational Interviewing with Treatment Outcomes in Males involved in Domestic Violence Group Therapy, Sharla L. Zalmanowitz, Robbie Babins-Wagner, Susan Rodger, Bradley Corbett, and Alan W. Leschied Dr.

Submissions from 2011


Barriers to Education for the Marginalized Adult Learner, Sarah Flynn, Jason Brown, Andrew Johnson, and Susan Rodger