A Place in the Sun: and Poems By One Who Tried Inspite of the Clouds


A Place in the Sun: and Poems By One Who Tried Inspite of the Clouds


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A Place in the Sun: and Poems By One Who Tried Inspite of the Clouds is an autobiographical scrapbook by Reverend William Gladstone Colgrove. This scapbook was shared with the Hume Cronyn Memorial Observatory and Western Libraries by the Colgrove family to be digitized and shared openly on Scholarship@Western. This large manuscript contains more than 800 pages of images, typed-text, drawings, poetry, and hand-written text. The digital version of the scrapbook is more than 500 pages of content on the life of the Observatory's unofficial curator, Chant Medalist, preacher, and Londoner. Reverend Colgrove carefully organized this manuscript into twenty-four chapters that cover his life, his interests in botany, clay modelling, and poetry, along with his work as an inventor and creator of astronomical instruments, and even a copy of his thesis for his Master of Arts at the University of Western Ontario in 1909. This digital version of the manuscript was put together by Western Libraries.

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Western Libraries


London, Ontario, Canada


Astronomy, History, Western University, Hume Cronyn Memorial Observatory, Autobiographical Scrapbook, Digital Scholarship, Digital Humanities, Digitization


Astrophysics and Astronomy | Canadian History | Digital Humanities | History of Science, Technology, and Medicine


This eBook was created by Noah Churchill-Baird, a co-op student with Western Libraries, from digital scans of the manuscript received from the Hume Cronyn Memorial Observatory. The scanning was done by Aleeshia Carman. This project was closely supported by Courtney Waugh and Arielle VanderSchans from Research and Scholarly Communications at Western Libraries and by Dr. Mark Tovey, curator of the Cronyn Observatory.

In piecing together the digital version of the scrapbook, blank pages were removed from the scrapbook. Blank pages with hand-writing or other content were included in the digital version.

There a missing pages from the manuscript that were not carried over during the scanning process. These missing pages include:

Chapter II: Astronomy (pages 48-52 and pages 54-65); Chapter XII: Meteors & Comets (pages 378-385); Chapter XV: Poems (pages 490-539); Chapter XVI: Publications (pages 544-557); Chapter XVII: Sects (pages 558-562); and Chapter XXIII: Planet Trips (page 822).

There are also pages that need to be rescanned as they did not capture the full page or contents of the page. These pages include:

Chapter II: Astronomy (page 106); Chapter VI: My Churches in U.S. (page 208); Chapter XX: Instruments (page 290); Chapter XXII: Tobacco (page 820).

After these pages are scanned, the document files for the digital manuscript will be updated to include these missing and incomplete pages.

The full-text version of the eBook is rather large and may be a challenge for smaller capacity computers and laptops. Chapter level exploration and use of the eBook is recommended for a smoother user experience.

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Colgrove, W. G. (n.d.). A place in the sun: and poems by one who tried inspite of the clouds. [Unpublished manuscript]. https://ir.lib.uwo.ca/colgrovenotebook/1/

A Place in the Sun: and Poems By One Who Tried Inspite of the Clouds