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The unique properties of superelastic shape-memory-alloy (SMA) bars have motivated researchers to investigate their use as reinforcing bars for concrete elements. They were found to decrease seismic residual deformations, while increasing seismic inelastic deformations. This characteristic deformation behaviour requires an assessment of the seismic design parameters of SMA reinforced concrete walls. This paper addresses this requirement by evaluating their ductility and overstrength factors. A total of 972 walls were analyzed under a quasi-static lateral load. Suitable values for the overstrength and ductility factors were estimated for two proposed locations of SMA bars. FEMA P695 was then utilized to evaluate the seismic safety margin for case study buildings, which were designed based on the estimated seismic design parameters.

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Abraik E., Youssef M.A., 2021, “Ductility and Overstrength of Shape-Memory-Alloy Reinforced-Concrete Shear Walls”, Engineering Structures, 239: 112236,

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