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The symbol of the Trinity is inscribed with two sets of text (outside from left in clockwise order): FATHER / IS NOT / SON / IS NOT / HOLY SPIRIT / IS NOT; and (inside from left in clockwise order): FATHER / IS / GOD / IS SON / IS HOLY SPIRIT. The color of the window was chosen to represent faith. One of three windows that creates the Symbols of Our Faith that were created in memory of Mrs. E.C. "Frances" James 1882-1960. The windows were dedicated on June 16, 1963. Signed: C. Wallis / LONDON / ONTARIO / 1963. The Windows celebrate Location: South Choir, clerestory. Lead Investigator: C. Cody Barteet ( Photograph: Anahi Gonzalez


Trinity, Baptism, Eucharist, Wallis, Stained Glass, St. John's, James


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