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Biomedical materials made of cobalt-chromium-molybdenum (CoCrMo) alloys are commonly used in artificial prostheses and dental implants, which are exposed to friction and load. The release of Co, Cr, and Mo from these surfaces is governed by physical and chemical processes. The extent of measured metal release from biomedical CoCrMo alloys into mixed protein solutions may be influenced by protein aggregation and metal precipitation effects. Metal release from, and the surface composition of, a CoCrMo alloy was investigated in physiological relevant solutions (phosphate buffered saline, PBS, with varying concentrations of fibrinogen from bovine plasma and/or bovine serum albumin) at pH 7.3 in static and sliding conditions for time periods between 1 and 24 h. Cr was strongly enriched in the surface oxide of CoCrMo in all solutions, which corresponded to metal release dominated by Co. PBS and the proteins could induce significant precipitation of metals and protein aggregates, which resulted in strongly underestimated released amounts of Co and Cr, but not Mo, especially under sliding conditions. Protein aggregates were found to precipitate on the surface of CoCrMo under static conditions. The friction coefficient was greater in PBS containing physiologically relevant concentrations of fibrinogen as compared to PBS alone.



Prof. Inger Odnevall, at Div. Surface and Corrosion Science, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, and Dr. Jonas Hedberg, Surface Science Western, Western University, and earlier KTH, are highly acknowledged for valuable discussions and assistance in supervision and experiments.


The Swedish Research Council (VR, Grant No. 2015–04177), the Taiho Kogyo Tribology Research Foundation (Grant No. 20B04), the European Union (grant number FP7-NMP-2012–310477 (Life Long Joints project)), EBW + Project Erasmus Mundus Programme, Action 2 – STRAND 1, Lot 9 (Latin America), Brazil (Grant No.: 2014-0982), Wolfe-Western fellowship, Canada [Grant No.: 2020]; Canada Research Chairs Program [Grant No.: 950-233099], Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada [RGPIN-2021-03997].

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Wei, Z., Romanovski, V., Filho, L. et al. Metal Release from a Biomedical CoCrMo Alloy in Mixed Protein Solutions Under Static and Sliding Conditions: Effects of Protein Aggregation and Metal Precipitation. J Bio Tribo Corros 8, 19 (2022).

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