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Complexity in the Formation of English Comparatives and Superlatives

Neil Wick, University of Ottawa

Complexity the Determinant of Hierarchical Language Variation

J. K. Chambers, University of Toronto

Is There a Nominal Predicate in Plains Cree?

Jaehee Bak, University of Toronto

La simplicité : les questions multiples en polonais et en russe

Denis Liakin, University of Western Ontario

On the Complexity of Transfer in Multilingualism

Patricia Bayona, University of Western Ontario

Really strange, that construction

Ileana Paul, University of Western Ontario
Robert Stainton, University of Western Ontario

The Hybrid System of Voice Onset Time in French/English Bilinguals

Claire Gurski, University of Western Ontario

There’s Some Problems: Complex Subject Agreement in English and Virus Theory

David H. Fournier, University of Toronto

Théories linguistiques et phénomènes discursifs : Interface complexe en gascon

Kristyna Karenova, University of Toronto

Tongan Nominalizations: Complexity in a “Deficient” Clause Type

Catherine Macdonald, University of Toronto